Detoxic Avis: an effective remedy against intestinal worms?

Parasites and worms are very numerous and of various shapes. They enter our body through our mouth, coming from water, food, pets or public places. They lodge in the intestine where they develop and reproduce. Some can lead to serious illnesses and serious health problems. They must therefore be dealt with and their proliferation prevented.

In France, the most common worm responsible for the majority of infections is the pinworm, a small white worm that lives in the digestive tract. Children are particularly at risk: some studies say that almost 90% of children contract it at some point in time. Another common worm is the solitary worm, which can reach up to 10 meters in length at adult size. People are also affected every year by parasites and worms that are much rarer and more dangerous.

A deworming treatment is usually used to treat the problem and get rid of parasites and intestinal worms. On this niche, there is a new entrant that we will be looking at: Detoxic.

How does it work? What are its components? Focus on this new product.

New in France, Detoxic is a detoxification remedy for the home treatment of parasites and intestinal worms. It is based on the best of natural medicine and contains only medicinal plants harvested in a virgin natural environment.

Detoxification may be necessary when the following symptoms occur: allergy (cutaneous rashes, watery eyes and runny nose); frequent colds and tonsillitis and nasal congestion; chronic fatigue; frequent headaches, constipation and diarrhea; muscle and joint pain as well as nervousness, insomnia and appetite disorders.

Detoxic is recommended by helminthologists, parasitic worm specialists. It was tested before its launch through clinical trials. One of the protocols brought together volunteers affected by diseases caused by parasites. Some of the volunteers were given Detoxic while the other part received a placebo.

Between 90% and 100% of volunteers receiving Detoxic achieved total elimination of parasitic worms and their eggs, compared to only 1-2% of volunteers receiving placebo. Volunteers treated with Detoxic also showed between 90% and 100% elimination of allergic dermatitis, gastritis, ulcer, diarrhea and anemia. There is no need to say, these results are really impressive!

Important point: Detoxic has no side effects. It is a safe natural detoxification remedy and can therefore be taken without medical advice. It is suitable for both adults and children.

To be effective and completely eliminate intestinal worms and parasites, Detoxic should be taken daily for 30 days. It comes in the form of small capsules, to be taken before meals with water. The amount of water consumed must be sufficient to dissolve the capsule and release the active ingredients into the intestine. Detoxic's taste is described as pleasant and generally pleasing to children, which helps to make them take these capsules.

Detoxic is based on herbal medicine, a branch of medicine that offers solutions for natural healing thanks to medicinal plants and their active ingredients. Detoxic's action is based on 4 fundamental pillars: yarrow, clove nail, small centaurea and a mixture of 20 additional components.

The name of this plant refers to Achilles, whose legend tells that he used it to heal the wounds of soldiers in his army during the Trojan War. Yarrow yarrow has many benefits both preventive and curative.

It is considered one of the best plants to solve digestive problems. It acts on parasites and intestinal worms by destroying them at all stages of their development and by driving them out of the body and body.

Another great natural medicine to relieve many ailments: cloves. Its active ingredient, eugenol, is extremely potent and has a variety of uses. It acts on inflammation, pain and on bacteria and viruses. It is particularly useful for regenerating intestinal microflora.

Cloves are one of the natural remedies against parasites. It is able to stop the progression by dissolving the envelope around eggs laid by parasites. Its unique action on eggs is underscored by all naturopaths.

The clove thus creates a medium in the body that prevents development


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